Tosh Farms of Henry, Tennessee
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About Us

Mission Statement:

Tosh Farms will be a LEADING PRODUCER OF PORK AND GRAIN by adoption of technology, equipment and programs that will place our EFFICIENCY IN THE TOP TIER OF THE INDUSTRY. Profitability, quality of our production, environmental awareness, and attention to our human resources will be the measure of our success.

Jimmy Tosh
Owner & CEO

Jimmy Tosh is the owner and CEO of Tosh Farms, Tosh Pork, LLC, and Bacon By Gosh, Inc. Tosh Farms row crops 11,000 acres producing white and yellow corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, and barley. Tosh Pork LLC currently has 21,600 sows, marketing 480,000 head of finished animals to JBS Swift in Louisville Kentucky. Sows are primarily company owned with a mix of company and contract finishing.  Bacon By Gosh, Inc. handles the transportation of commodities for the Tosh companies.  

Jimmy has been married to Alonna for 33 years and has 2 sons, Jamey and Jonathan, both of whom are involved in the business. He is a lifelong resident of Henry County, Tennessee. He graduated from Henry County High School and received a BS in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee in 1972. He has been involved in the family business since that time. He has increased the operation from a small farm of 316 acres with a small feeder pig finishing unit to its present day size. Jimmy has been involved in many community activities such as the local Fair, Tennessee Pork Producers, Soybean Association, Corn Growers, Farm Service Agency, NRCS, Relay for Life, and others. He is frequently consulted by key agriculture policy makers in Tennessee. Education is a priority at Tosh Farms, and he has made available many scholarships to area youth and farm employees.  

Jimmy has been honored to be named the Star Farmer of West Tennessee in his FFA days. He has also been selected as the Regional Farmer of the Year, Southeast Farmer of the Year, and the operation was awarded the Best Managed Farm in America in 1998. Jimmy has always been an innovator. He was the first to offer swine contracts in this area. He recognized the movement toward large pen gestation and installed one of the first such units in the US in 2005.  

Jamey Tosh

Jamey Tosh is a partner of Tosh Farms. Jamey’s day to day roles at Tosh Farms involve management responsibilities with crops, genetics, and breeding (boar stud, gilt development barns, & sow units). Jamey completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Business from University of Tennessee at Martin in December 2002 and has returned to the farm full-time. In ten years of farming, Jamey has won numerous farming awards including the West Tennessee Star Farmer award, Henry County Young Farmer award two times, and the State Swine Production Entrepreneur Award, as well as the American FFA Degree in 2001.  

Jamey is active in the community, serving as the swine chairman and president of the Henry County Fair Board, 4-H Alumni, vice president for Henry County Young Farmer & Ranchers for several years, and is an instructor at Murray State University teaching Swine Science. Jamey is very active in the pork community. He serves on the Tennessee Executive Pork Board for the Tennessee Pork Producers. On the national level, he works on the Tennessee Executive Taskforce which involves the budgeting of funds for the National Pork Board. Jamey currently serves on the Resolutions Committee, Swine Health Committee, and Sow Housing Taskforce for the National Pork Board, and he has also been through the Pork Leadership Academy and the Operation Mainstreet Training. Jamey has spoken several times to different groups ranging from the Pork Forum to the Rotary Club, expressing his current views of swine production and how he views the future of the industry.

Jonathan Tosh

Jonathan Tosh is a partner of Tosh Farms. Jonathan’s day-to-day role at Tosh Farms involves management responsibilities with inventory control and Fleet Maintenance. Jonathan directly manages 6 mechanics, 5 inventory control employees, and 3 trailer wash bay employees. Jonathan earned a degree at the Tennessee Technology Center in Paris, Tennessee in Heavy Equipment Repair in August of 2001. Jonathan enrolled with Murray State University for the January of 2001 semester part-time while still attending Tennessee Technology Center. In August of 2001 he was a full-time student at Murray State University while continuing to work within the business and received a degree in August of 2004 in Ag Business. After graduating from Murray State University, he started working full-time on the farm. Jonathan plans on continuing his work on the farm and hold a larger role in management in the future. Jonathan is an instrument certified pilot and flies the company plane.


The land forming the core of Tosh Farms LLC was acquired in 1972.  Management began actively acquiring more land beginning in 1984 and the farm grew to the existing ownership of 4,500 acres.  In 1994, the farm was a row crop farm with a medium sized hog finishing operation.  A contract with Bryan Foods to provide finished animals under a price-risk share agreement was entered into in 1996.  This shifted the focus of the farm from crops to swine production.  In addition to the owned land, the farm leases land under cash lease or sharecrop leases to bring the total land currently under productive capacity to 11,000 acres.  Tosh Farms has now contracted with JBS.