Employee Spotlight

Meet Phillip Bush

Phillip has been a Tosh employee since 2000. He started out as a driver for Tosh but now works on the farm crew. Phillip works a lot of hours keeping our farm equipment running and running our farm equipment. That’s what he does… mostly works.
Other activities he enjoys – he used to be on a bowling team, and he really enjoys going to Antique Tractor shows, “just to see what’s out there”. He hopes to refurbish his own antique tractor because he enjoys seeing the old iron rolling again.
Phillip has 3 children, 2 stepchildren and 6 grandchildren. He is proud of them all and enjoys spending time with them.
When he gets done here at Tosh, he’s going to just go on home and start building a place on the old homestead.

Now you know more about Phillip, check back to learn more about other employees in the future.