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Leaving No Piglet Behind

Listen up & expand your knowledge on what’s happening in the industry & more specifically, at our sow farms as our veterinarian, Dr. Seth Krantz, discusses leading causes of pre weaned mortality in piglets on the Popular Pig Podcast called, “Leaving No Piglet Behind.”

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Awards for Advancing Research in Respiratory Disease (AWARRD)

Over $100,000 Awarded to Researchers Studying Pig Respiratory Disease Jennifer Shike March 12, 2019   Three research proposals were selected to receive the Awards for Advancing Research in Respiratory Disease (AWARRD) and $35,000. The program, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, provides more than $100,000 each year for research relating to infectious porcine respiratory diseases.   The Respiratory Disease Research […]

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10 Tips to Stay Safe When Pumping Manure

Jennifer Shike March 5, 2019   Last fall’s wet weather made it troublesome to find a good window of time to pump manure. Because of this, some producers are trying to get their pits pumped out now, while the ground is frozen, says Ted Funk, retired University of Illinois Extension ag engineer. Pumping pits in […]

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Good Luck Pig

Ring in the New Year With a Good Luck Pig Whether roast pork or marzipan, a pig is a symbol of good fortune. BY ANNE EWBANK DECEMBER 31, 2018 AROUND THE WORLD, LUCKY FOODS for the new year range from collard greens (representing green cash) to long noodles (representing a lengthy lifespan.) But for many cultures, pork is the pièce […]

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