Employee Spotlight

Say hello to Hector Mejia. He is a breeding herdsman at one of our sow farms and has been a Tosh employee for 13 years! As a breeding herdsman, he is responsible for tasks such as checking to see if female pigs are in heat and ready for breeding, artificially inseminating those that are, and using an ultrasound machine to check for pregnancy in pigs that have been bred. He also helps keep the breeding herd healthy by administering vaccines on specific schedules that have been put in place by our veterinarian. Hector has also recently been given more responsibility with managing the gilts (female pigs that have not yet had babies) at his farm.

Outside of work, Hector enjoys spending time with his family and friends including his wife Sylvia and their children Melissa and Gerardo. He owns his own farm, barn, and 16 acres of land on which he raises cattle, sheep, turkeys, and chickens.

He loves his job at Tosh Pork and appreciates that the owner, Jimmy Tosh, made a point to visit the sow farm at which he works and eat lunch with the employees.

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