Caring for Our Natural Resources


As farmers, preserving our land, water, and air is an essential part of our job.  We employ the latest farming and building techniques in order to sustain our land and keep our air and water clean.  We work with the EPA and state authorities to ensure that our practices will allow for the safe utilization of these natural resources for years to come.  Since 1960, the pork industry as a whole has seen a 35% decrease in its carbon footprint and a 41% reduction of its water usage per pound of pork produced along with a 78% drop in the amount of land needed to produce one thousand pounds of pork.


caring-for-our-natural-resources-(1)_1000w_croppedOur conservation efforts at Tosh Farms include the utilization of:

  • Nutrient management planning and regular nutrient testing of our soil and the manure we use to fertilize our fields.
  • No till and minimal till farming to reduce soil erosion.
  • Extensive soil testing and GIS mapping which enables us to apply the necessary nutrients to the appropriate acreage, preventing nutrient build up in the soil and reducing our use of commercial fertilizer.
  • Regular inspections of our swine facilities performed by an on staff environmental inspector.
  • Recycling program for bags and containers used to transport feed ingredients.
  • Composting of organic matter as an additional source of fertilizer.
  • Upgraded equipment paired with regular maintenance on our vehicles to maximize safety and fuel efficiency.


“The soil is something that we own only a short time and it’s got to be passed on to the next generation.” – Jimmy Tosh, CEO