Frequently Asked Questions

Wean to Finish Barns

What regulations have to be met for site approval?

In most counties barns must be 1,500-1,750ft from a house. Other restrictions may apply in different areas.

How much land is needed to build barns?

Normally barns will take up an area of 3-5 acres.

How do I dispose of manure?

Manure will need to be injected into the ground. It will take a minimum of 300 acres to handle the manure from a 2 barn site.

Do I have to buy the manure injection equipment?

You will either need to buy the equipment or find a custom applicator to inject it for you.

How much manure storage do manure pits have?

Each pit has enough storage for 1 year. Hogs will produce between 800,000 to 1,000,000 gallons per year per barn.

Can I sell my manure?

Yes, many growers sell their manure to local farmers.

Is this a full-time job?

Daily care for pigs is required and the amount of time spent in the barn varies with age of the pigs. However, the time spent in the barns is managed by the grower and can occur around other occupations and commitments. Being a contract partner with Tosh Pork is not a full time job.

What does the barn purchase price include?

This will be turnkey price on construction of the facility. It includes a crosswalk connecting the barns and a compost shed for mortalities.

What is not included in the purchase price of the barn?

Dirt work, gravel, road, wells and electrical service to barns. Any extras that grower selects from building material list.

If my site is approved by Tosh Pork what are the next steps?

Construction permit will have to be approved. CNMP will have to be written and state permit will need to be issued. Also, in certain areas a county permit is required.

What do we need to supply to Tosh Farms before construction can start?

We must have copy of permit approval and a letter of credit from lender to secure our payment for construction.

Do you guarantee the cost assumptions in the cash flow?

No this is just an average of what different producers pay in different areas. This can be higher or lower depending on area barns are located.

How long is the contract?

10-12 year contract.

What does Tosh supply?

We supply pigs, propane or natural gas, medication, feed and professional oversite to assist grower.

What am I responsible for?

Daily care of pigs according to Tosh Pork management standards. Maintaining a facility in accordance with Tosh Pork standards. Following all Tosh Pork Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)