Student Internship Program

Tosh Farms is a rapidly growing, family-owned crop and swine production business with over 500  employees and expansion plans targeting 530+ within the next 2 years.  Tosh Farms consists of three separate enterprises working in a synergistic fashion: Tosh Farms is the crop production company, Tosh Pork, GP is the swine production company, and Bacon By Gosh, Inc is the transportation company.

Our employees fill a variety of challenging and exciting roles within all three of our companies. We are so proud of the dedication of the Tosh Farms/Tosh Pork/Bacon By Gosh teams, as they truly embody our core values. We are energetic, we are transparent, we are knowledgable, we are committed, we are community-focused. We are Tosh Farms.  Each team conveys a continuous drive to improve our production systems for high-quality pork and grain. We simply could not do what we do at Tosh Farms without our employees and their constant drive to perform at their best. As such, Tosh Farms is looking for, usually 2, qualified interns to join our top-notch team for our 6-week summer internship program. Apart from our summer internships, we have part-time year-long internships at any of our sow farms.

Our program is designed to kickstart a career within the pork industry by rotating departments/managers frequently to gain in-depth knowledge in all functional areas of the business, and lasting a total of six weeks. This is a paid internship and housing is provided free of charge while enrolled in the program.  We strongly encourage all students who are pursuing a degree in Animal Science, Ag Production, Ag Studies, or other Ag related field to apply.

Additionally, candidates must possess the following qualities: willingness to work in a team setting, accountability for reaching performance goals, strong work ethic, and desire to learn and understand all operational aspects of the business. Tosh Farms is looking for individuals who are energetic, transparent, knowledgeable, committed, and community-focused.

What You Can Expect During This Internship

  • 6 Week summer internship
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge in all functional areas of the business as you will be working with multiple departments and managers
  • All work locations are in Northwestern TN
  • Free housing and utilities
  • Paid Internship at $13/HR
  • Mandatory final presentation recapping internship experience to our senior production leadership.

Goals For The Internship

  • Learn and practice skills that are essential to quality pork production including but not limited too:
    • Breeding and gestation: Sow body condition management, estrus detection, artificial insemination, and ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
    • Farrowing: Sow and baby pig care, piglet processing, principles of herd health management
    • Wean to market: Animal handling, proper care and starting of weaned piglets, marketing
    • Farm and equipment: hygiene, supply usage/ordering, and recordkeeping
  • Learn the principles of grain production and feed manufacturing as key components of farm profitability.
  • Develop skills and an appreciation for employee management, personnel development, company culture, and engagement

What sets us apart:

  • Opportunities to work and network with industry leaders, giving you long-term career value.
  • Mentorship and career guidance from company leaders
  • Discover opportunities for full-time careers with an industry-leading company

Who you are:

  • Demonstrate good academic performance and provide strong references from academic faculty and/or job supervisors
  • Undergraduate student currently pursing Bachelor of Science in Ag related field; Junior or Senior class status preferred
  • Interest to work in cross-functional roles
  • Willing to relocate to Henry, TN, and reside in Tosh Farms housing during 6 weeks
  • Legally authorized to work in United States
  • You are energetic, transparent, knowledgeable, committed, and focused

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