In order to protect our pigs from disease, we follow strict biosecurity procedures.  All caretakers at our sow farms are required to “shower-in” before entering their farm for the day.  Using private shower rooms, they wash themselves from head to toe and change into clean clothes.  When they leave the farm at the end of their shift, they are required to “shower-out” in the reverse fashion.  Similarly, all equipment and supplies delivered to our farms are disinfected upon arrival before they are allowed to enter the farm.  Our wean-to-finish barns are thoroughly disinfected and power washed in between groups of pigs.


Employees whose positions require them to visit multiple farms must follow a biosecurity flow chart to determine how much time must pass before they are allowed to visit another farm.  This helps stop the spread of bacteria and viruses between farms.


Additionally, our semis and trailers undergo a thorough cleaning process after transporting feed and animals.  After being cleaned and disinfected, they are heated to 160° F to kill any microorganisms that may still be present.


“My main responsibility is to protect the health and well-being of all the pigs that we raise.” – Dr. Seth Krantz, Veterinarian for Tosh Pork