Company Overview

Our Mission

Tosh Farms will be a leading producer of pork and grain by adoption of technology, equipment and programs that will place our efficiency in the top tier of the industry. Profitability, quality of our production, environmental awareness, and attention to our human resources will be the measure of our success.

We encourage you to watch this short video to learn more about our company and meet some of our team members.

Tosh Farms

Tosh Farms is a family-owned business located in Henry, Tennessee.  The business consists of three separate enterprises working together in a synergistic fashion.  Tosh Farms is a general partnership and our crop production company, Tosh Pork, GP is our swine production company, and Bacon By Gosh, Inc. is our transportation company.

Tosh Farms currently tends over 18,000 acres of land, of which 11,000 is company owned.  The other 7,000 of our acreage is leased from 83 different landowners in the Henry area.  Around 2,300 of our acres are irrigated.  We use this land to grow white corn, yellow corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, rapeseed, and barley.  You can learn more about how we care for the land and raise our crops here.  Our administrative team also falls under the Tosh Farms umbrella.  They work in our office in Henry and include our human resources, accounting, senior management, safety, and environmental teams.

Tosh Pork

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Our second company, Tosh Pork, provides care for around 38,000 sows that produce over 1 million market hogs each year.  We raise these pigs from birth to market.  We currently have nine sow farms where our sows are bred, give birth, and nurse their piglets.  When the piglets reach weaning age (around 3 weeks old), they are transferred to one of our over 90 wean-to-finish sites where they share a pen with other pigs their age and are provided a constant source of nutrient-rich feed until they reach market weight.  Our boar stud supplies the genetic material for our herd.  For more information about how we raise pigs, click here.

Additionally, we have a feed mill near our office that employs around 65 people to produce feed for our pigs.  Our feed mill uses corn that is grown by Tosh Farms and local farmers along with ingredients from over 150 other suppliers to produce the approximately 7,000 tons of feed that our pigs consume each week, which in turn keeps those products from going to the landfill. As pigs grow, their dietary needs change, so we work with our nutritionist to make sure that their diets are formulated for optimal growth and health at every life stage.  Once our pigs reach optimal market weight, they are marketed to regional packers.  Within Tosh Pork, we also have a construction team that builds new barns for us as our company expands.

Bacon by Gosh Incorporated

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Bacon By Gosh handles our transportation needs.  We utilize 99 semis, 85 trailers, and 118 automobiles to transport feed, pigs, and our employees.  We employ 18 mechanics and 3 fuel techs to maintain our fleet and ensure that our trucks are as fuel-efficient as possible.  Bacon By Gosh also oversees our truck wash, which maintains biosecurity by cleaning, disinfecting, and drying all of our trailers in between loads of pigs to help prevent the spread of disease.