Our Approach

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Company Vision

Tosh Farms, Tosh Pork, and Bacon By Gosh together form a family-operated business that is dedicated to our family, employees, partners, and community.  We continue to keep a family atmosphere while seeking growth and wealth for our business, employees, business partners, and community.

Company Mission

Tosh Farms will be a leading producer of pork and grain by the adoption of technology, equipment, and programs that will place our efficiency in the top tier of the industry.  Profitability, quality of our production, environmental awareness, and attention to our human resources will be the measure of our success.

Core Values


  • Influence positive change
  • Inspire others through your passion
  • Earn respect through your actions and optimistic outlook
  • Lead by example and provide clear direction


  • Ask questions, be curious, and make sound decisions
  • Consistently apply best methods in your trade
  • Become the expert to lead from strength


  • Demonstrate and promote open communication
  • Be fair, honest and strong in who YOU are
  • Seek input from others in order to improve


  • Always do more. Perform better than expected
  • Utmost care for co-workers and animals
  • Promote from within as a priority


  • Positively impact your community
  • Create long term opportunities
  • Produce safe, abundant food for your neighbors