Bacon by Gosh History

Our first semi-truck


We’ve always hauled products to market using Tosh employees (only using third parties in rare occasions). The first few years, our drivers hauled everything from ingredients, to feed, to grains and hogs. As the business grew, drivers became specialized and each driver is now focused on one area of the business. 

One of our first feed trailers

Tosh owns all our equipment – semi’s and trailers – in order to control the maintenance and keep the model years current. Given the nature of the business, where Bacon by Gosh moves live animals, the equipment must be in top shape to prevent any over-the-road break downs. We have a truck maintenance shop open 24/7 with 11 bays and our own Tosh mechanics. 

Today our driver teams logs over 7,500,000 miles annually. Bacon by Gosh was a leader in implementing the Tosh Safey program and remains on the cutting edge of protecting our drivers.

Spotlight on Eddie Turner – OUR FIRST DRIVER!

Thank you for all your
years of making a difference!

Why did you join Tosh Farms?

My reason was simple.  I needed a job. I had one child and another would soon be on the way. 

What was your first job at Tosh?

When I first started there were only 3 employees and you were expected to be able to do all the jobs. 

Who did you work with when you started here?

There was only James Hicks, Clarence Martin and later Charles Hicks. 

Why have you stayed with Tosh all these years?

Jimmy never asked anything of his employees that he wasn’t willing to do first.  He never made you feel he was better than you.   

Any stories you’d like to share?

Jimmy says James Hicks and I are the reason for his thinning hair.  We were forever ticking him off to the point where he would push his cap back, and then pull it foward several times….before officially losing his temper and throwing the cap on the ground and stomping on it!

What about the company name?

While attending Henry County High School, Jimmy Tosh (company founder) was called “Jimmy Tosh by gosh” by his classmates.  

When it was time to name our transportation company, Jimmy decided that Bacon by Gosh would be an appropriate name since we haul pigs and he had a nickname. We receive many compliments on the logo which includes a smiling pig.