Antibiotic Use

antibiotic use_edit_v2One major way in which we ensure that you and your family consume safe, high quality pork is by raising healthy pigs.  We are continually evaluating and improving production practices to make this happen.  However, there are times when our pigs require antibiotics to help prevent, treat, and control disease.  Antibiotic use at Tosh Pork is strictly regulated by a licensed veterinarian. Our farms track and record antibiotic use and we adhere to strict withdrawal times.  A withdrawal time is the period of time that an animal needs to be medicine-free before it can be processed for food.  During this time, the animal’s body breaks down and excretes the antibiotic.  We believe that providing appropriate medical care to our animals is the proper and humane thing to do.  For more information about responsible antibiotic use at Tosh Pork, please watch the short video below.  If you have additional questions about antibiotic use in food animals, you can contact us for more information.