How Contract Growing Works


Tosh Farms is dedicated to people. We partner with over 95 independent family farmers in Tennessee and Kentucky who provide care for our pigs on a contractual basis. These partnerships allow us to do our part to help keep family farming alive by ensuring steady income and financial stability for the grower and his family. At the same time, Tosh gains a trusted colleague dedicated to raising pigs safely and responsibly.

Still have questions? Learn more about our partnerships by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.


The following outlines what each party is responsible for in a typical contract:

Tosh Pork will Provide:

  • Quality pigs
  • Feed
  • Medication
  • Weekly professional service staff visits
  • Veterinary care
  • Monthly contract payment
  • Transportation of pigs to and from farm
  • Open and comfortable working relationship

Contract Grower will Provide:

  • Suitable site and barn designed according to our specifications
  • Financing for construction of barn
  • Maintenance of facility
  • All utilities
  • Loading and unloading of pigs
  • Day to day management following Tosh Pork SOPs
  • Good working relationship with all Tosh Pork representatives

“It takes people to make pork.” – Dr. Seth Krantz, Veterinarian for Tosh Pork