Tosh drivers answer:

What do YOU like best about driving for Bacon by Gosh and working for the Tosh family?


“Knowing what I’ll be doing day to day – all next week is planned out for me every Thursday. I feel like I work for myself and there is a great feeling of stability.”

Keith Arnold

“The camaraderie among drivers is unreal. A true team spirit exists. Very family oriented with great pay and benefits, and the equipment is in great shape.”

Wesley Wood

“A feeling of freedom – we have runs to make – and I enjoy meeting our customers and being the front line for the company.”

Eddie Turner

“I can talk to and communicate with top management and the owners, and work out solutions to issues. There is less stress compared to OTR jobs. And, I love driving, love animals and agriculture.”

Brian West

“I feel like I’m part of the Tosh family. There is a true open door policy to all levels. No one is hanging over me – I get direction and take it from there. The benefits are excellent.”

Steve Tucker

“I love what I’m doing. Every Thursday I know my schedule for next week. Top to bottom – I can talk to anyone at Tosh, and they listen. We keep each other motivated through the up and downs.”

Scott Crouch

“Everyone helps each other out and there is some flexibility in timing of deliveries.”

Dustin Wheeler