Our employees work hard to stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and are continually evaluating the benefits and feasibility of implementing new technology into our system.

Some examples of new technology that we have adopted over the years and continue to use today include:

  • Pelleted feed rations for our pigs which increases their feed efficiency.
  • Installation of solar panels outside our office.
  • GPS and precision mapping of our fields to ensure that every square foot is properly utilized.
  • Variable rate planting which allows us to increase production in the most fertile areas of the acreage that we farm.
  • Grid soil sampling of our fields to give us precise information about soil composition allowing us to apply the correct amount and composition of fertilizer.
  • The incorporation of alternative ingredients into our pig feed which helps us lower feed costs.
  • Installation of electronic feeding stations in our barns to facilitate the monitoring of feed consumption of individual sows.
  • Variable spray technology to ensure precise application of herbicides for weed control which decreases our total herbicide use.
  • Construction of a state of the art research barn where we are able to test new diet formulations and new animal health technology.

Testing Feed Samples

“The early adaptors of new technology provide examples to other people to follow you.  I’ve been an innovator all my life.” – Jimmy Tosh, CEO