Although we grow some of the corn that our pigs consume, we also purchase additional corn, soy beans, and wheat from local farmers so that we can meet their dietary needs.

We are looking to purchase corn, soybeans, and wheat from local farmers. If you are interested in selling us your corn, please contact Wayne Casey at 731-243-4861 ext. 156. Our receiving hours are 7am-7pm during harvest season and 7am-4pm the rest of the year.  We truly appreciate your help in providing quality nutrition for our pigs!

Tosh Commodity Bids

CommodityDelivery Period*Cash Price*BasisFutures Month
CornNew Crop Fall '234.75-.15MAR '24
SoybeansNew Crop Fall '2312.55-.50JAN '24
WheatCash '235.81-.50MAR '24
New Crop Fall '246.21-.30JULY '24
*As of 12-5-2023
Please call for updated prices.


Market Prices