Brasfield Family

Meet our 1st Quarter Spotlight Grower of 2021!
Shawnee Brasfield is the fourth generation of farmers in this West Tennessee family. In 2007 he and his wife Lisa diversified their operation by partnering with the Tosh family in the pork industry.
Shawnee states, “It is a joy to work with the Tosh family. They are people of their words, honest and dependable.”
Between the time spent with his wife Lisa, their two sons Lee and Orey, and his farming operation, Shawnee serves as a deacon in the Friendship Baptist Church.
He said sometimes when he is feeding and loading those little porkies he thinks they are descendants of those pigs mentioned in the fifth chapter of the gospel of Mark where Jesus delivered the man of his demons and sent them into the swine.
Yet, in spite of the demands of this unique farming operation, Shawnee Brasfield is dedicated to making his pig farm the best in the south. He is truly a man whose love for his family, his work, and his Lord is evident to those who know him.
Pictured: Orey, Lisa, Shawnee, and Lee Brasfield
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