Agricultural trust, transparency is growing

By Gary Joiner Texas Farm Bureau

From the grocery store to fast food chains, consumer decisions shape our food supplies. And, in turn, our farming practices.

Conventional. Organic. Grass-fed or grain-fed. Local. Natural.

Each is a little different. But, in the end, a nutritious product is raised by a farmer who cares.

And they’re telling you about it. Farmers and ranchers have taken to social media and blogs. Even conferences and local meet-ups. To tell you about the food they’ve raised and to show you the family behind the farm.

That transparency is growing trust.

Recent research from FoodThink shows consumers are turning to the source of their food—the nation’s farmers and ranchers—to learn more. Sixty percent say farmers and ranchers are trustworthy.

And their perceptions of agriculture? They’re on the upswing.

There’s still ground to cover, but farmers and ranchers are taking a seat at the table. Sharing their way of life. And cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships.




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