Pigs Make Great Classroom Pets

This Teacher Takes Two Pigs to Her Classroom Every Single Day   And she just published a picture book about them.   Tracy Tornio on March 22, 2017   Melissa Nicholson takes “teacher’s pet” to a whole new level. This Florida first grade teacher brings two classroom pigs into school with her every single day. […]

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Why a career in pigs is good fit for women

Cheryl Day 2 | Oct 20, 2017 More and more women are choosing pig farming as a profession, something that has changed over the past ten years. Here is why they shine as pig caretakers.   For the first time, a woman earns the title America’s Pig Farmer of Year.  Leslie McCuiston, raised on Oklahoma cattle farm, […]

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Where Have All The Farmers Gone?

U.S. Farm Count Fell by 8,000 Last Year USAgNet – 02/20/2017 The number of farms in the United States for 2016 is estimated at 2.06 million, down 8,000 farms from the year prior. The USDA reports that total land in farms, at 911 million acres, also decreased by 1 million acres from 2015. The average […]

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