Dustin McClure

Meet Dustin McClure, Tosh Farms Spotlight Employee.  Dustin has worked for Tosh Farms since he was 16 years old.  He began working around the shop, helping to build feed bins, sweeping floors, and doing other task.  After high school graduation, he attended The University of Tennessee at Martin while still working part-time in the Martin sow units.  After graduating UTM, Dustin began full time at the Martin Sow Unit in the breeding department for Tosh.  After one year, he was given the opportunity to become a service manager.  He has been a service manager for the last five years and has also been selecting replacement gilts for the last two years.

Dustin is responsible for overseeing 12 contract growers and roughly 53,000 hogs.  He is also responsible for selecting all of the gilts that will soon become moms.  This is an in-depth process that includes looking at the overall structure of a gilt to determine which gilts will make the best sows.  He is also responsible for counting and placing the baby pigs that come from all of our sow units to the finishing barns and making sure they have a great start on their way to top hogs.

Dustin has a beautiful wife, Abbie, of 5 years and together that they a wonderful son, Warren Glen age 1.  Warren Glen will become a big brother to a sister this September and they couldn’t be more excited.  When not chasing after Warren, Dustin enjoys playing golf and grilling.  His greatest accomplishments are earning his degree from UTM, finding a career that he loves, and his family.

“I have loved being able to work for the Tosh Farms Family.  I am thankful for the many opportunities that I have been given to grow professionally within Tosh.  It is a blessing to do what I love everyday.”

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