Latoya Taylor

May Employee Spotlight!!!

LaToya has been an HR Generalist at Tosh Farms for almost 3 years. Her main function is processing payroll and managing leaves of absence. She is responsible for maintaining and processing information in the system to ensure over 500 people get paid on time, and accurately. She also educates and assists employees with navigating the different types of leave benefits we offer — such as paid parental leave, FMLA, short-term disability, jury duty, paid time off, and other personal leaves. In addition to everything else she does, she facilitates and participates in various audits to ensure the integrity of the payroll system.

LaToya and her husband, Sheldon, have been married for a year and a half. She has one son, three bonus children, and seven grandchildren! She loves traveling with Sheldon and her friends to different countries to experience their culture and spending time with family.

A couple of her accomplishments include graduating from Bethel University with a masters degree in Human Resource Management, and being a member of the Society of Human Resources Chapter in Jackson, TN. In the future, she wants to get her certification in HR and continue to evolve in the HR Field.

“My experience at Tosh has been by far the best in my career. I have learned and accomplished so much while working at Tosh and the family-oriented atmosphere makes my job pleasurable.”

LaToya represents knowledge at Tosh Farms, to an incredible extent. She knows how to do her job, and how to do it well. If there is something she is unsure about, she will tell you that and do her best to figure out any situation. She is a great asset to this business, and works so hard.

Thank you LaToya for all that you do for this company!!!

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