February Employee Spotlight

February’s employee spotlight is our Equipment Install Supervisor, Jason Smith.
He was born in Memphis, TN, and moved to Tampa, FL, the day he graduated high school. He went to college in Tampa and eventually moved back to Memphis. While in Memphis, he worked for a high-end landscape company where he advanced his career to Management and decided to move to Henry, TN. When he first moved here, he started a career in building custom cabinets, which he quickly learned and advanced to Shop Foreman as well as a lot of design work.
He then took a job at Tosh Farms, and has worked here for 5 years now. He started out working in Industrial Fabrication with Gary Allen and after a year and a half, he was moved to Install Supervisor. He is responsible for the installation of plumbing, gas, feed, ventilation and pinning.
Jason has been married to his wonderful wife, Diana, for 7 years. They have two standard poodles together, Sadi, 6, and Bently, 1.5 years old. His hobbies include hunting, boating, and building anything he can to utilize all of his skills as a craftsman. He also said that he strives to improve his Spanish speaking and understanding.
Jason feels that he has made vast improvements during his time at Tosh Farms. In the future, he wants to advance in his career with Tosh in the construction field.
Jason is a huge example of one of our main core values: ENERGY. He leads by example and influences positive change in our company. He strives to be better in any way that he can, and goes the extra mile. He has done an excellent job of earning respect, as well as being respectful. We are so thankful for employees like you Jason! Keep up the great work!
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