Heath Crouse

Heath Crouse has worked at Tosh Farms for 3.5 years as a QC/QA. To put that in layman’s terms, he is responsible for the testing on the feed to check for the QUALITY and CONDITION. He does that to ensure that we are making the highest quality feed for the hogs to grow on. He also collects samples for our nutritionist, Wayne Cast, to ensure that the pigs are getting the correct nutritional values, and when to change formulas on different ingredients. Some more of his responsibilities include taking inventory and keeping track of minor ingredients that go into the feed, scheduling loads of ingredients with different vendors, and making sure that we always have plenty of ingredients in stock.

Heath has been married to Taylor Ann for 2.5 years. Together, they have one daughter, Holland, who just turned one in October. He says that his greatest accomplishments so far are becoming a husband and a father.

In his free time, Heath enjoys spending time with family and friends. He likes hunting and being outdoors, and also playing basketball when he can. He loves going on vacations with Taylor Ann and their daughter, and in the time he has left over he likes to train and work his dog, Jeb.

He describes his time at Tosh Farms as ‘great.’ “You learn something new everyday and gain knowledge about it. Everyone at Tosh is here to help you, and make you a better employee.” Heath says that he is thankful to work at Tosh.

We are so grateful for committed employees like you Heath! You represent our core values so well by working everyday to learn more about what you do. We can trust that our pigs will be fed well with you on our team. Thank you so much for all you do for Tosh Farms!

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