Sherie Westbrooks

Check out our April employee spotlight!!

Sherie Westbrooks has been a Scale House Assistant at Tosh Farms for almost 3 years. She is responsible for all incoming ingredients to make feed (dog food, grain, corn, beans, wheat, canola, and rapeseed). She probes the grain to check for moisture and enters her findings into the computer system.

Sherie is married with 2 grown children. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter, Lily, and is looking forward to her grandson, due in July.

Her biggest accomplishment is surviving harvest each year, ha!

Sherie says her experience at Tosh has been, “Eye-opening for the farming world. It’s not just about the planting and harvest. So much more and so many more are involved, that you don’t see or hear from. A lot don’t get the credit they deserve behind the scenes.”

We are so grateful for Sherie’s work at the Scale House! That is not an easy job, but she sure makes it look that way. She is committed and transparent about her job, and we are so proud of her!

Thank you, Sherie, for all that you do!

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