Jody Trout

Tosh Farms would like to introduce you to our July spotlight employee… Jody Trout! Jody has been with us since 2013 as a Wean to Finish Regional Technician. He has also been a contract grower with us since January. He has been married to another of our fantastic employees, Jennifer Trout, since 2009. Together they have 1 daughter, Frannie, who is 8 years old.

As a regional tech, he ensures that the contract growers he is assigned to are properly caring for the animals and their facilities. He conducts regular inspections and stays in contact with them. He communicates Tosh protocols throughout each growing turn and follows through with
site reports.

When Jody is not at Tosh, you may catch him hunting, fishing, serving as an elder at First Presbyterian Church of McKenzie, or just spending quality time with his family! We truly appreciate all the hard work Jody puts in, and if you see him, tell him what a great job he’s doing!

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