John Arnold

John Arnold works in electrical maintenance at Tosh Farms, and he has been with us for 20 years! He works at the feed mill and in our barns doing electrical and HVAC work. It is ‘shocking’ what all this man can do! He has his Universal EPA certification and Domestic/Commercial HVAC certification.

John has 3 kids and 4 granddaughters. In his free time, he enjoys buying and shooting guns. In the future, he looks forward to watching his grandchildren grow.

His experience at Tosh has been good, and a challenge. Working at a company like Tosh can be an amazing experience. We do a little bit of everything, so as electrical and HVAC maintenance you can only imagine what all needs to be done.

John Arnold’s dedication and loyalty are exactly ‘watt’ we look for in employees!

Thank you so much for all the work you have done for so many years! You are a ‘power’house! We greatly appreciate you!!

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