Jose Tinajero

Tosh Farms would like to introduce you to one of our employees.

Meet Jose Tinajero.

He has worked at the Martin sow barn for almost 4 years. He is a farrowing lead under the farrowing manager. His daily task are taking care of replacement gilts in the nursery, selecting gilt sales with the farm manager, and nurse sows management and care. He is also in charge of all of the feed ordering inventory and loads wean trucks. When assigned to the breeding department, he takes care of breeding sows especially on the weekends and he takes care of GDU gilt training and development when needed.

In Jose’s spare time he likes to play sports like baseball and soccer. He enjoys swimming and dancing as well.

His proudest accomplishment has been learning and exceeding in the jobs and tasks assigned and entrusted in him. He never thought he would be able to learn all the responsibilities in the farrowing department and assist managing the department.

Jose lives with his younger brother, Ricardo. In their free time, they enjoy getting out and playing sports and other social activities.

Jose is a very nice compassionate person and is always helping others learn and complete daily task. He is extremely dedicated to Tosh Farms and is always caring for the animals, building and production. We are glad that we can call him Tosh Farms Spotlight Employee.

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