June Employee Spotlight

Raul Jaime is part of our flat storage crew, and he helps assist in the processing of by-products to supply the feed mill. He operates several pieces of equipment including loaders, skid steers, forklifts, and yard dogs.

Raul has worked at Tosh Farms since July 2018. He says his experience has been AWESOME. He loves working here!

He and his wife, Angelina Cardoso have 5 children together, and in his free time, he enjoys fixing cars.

Raul is such a hard worker, and he shows his commitment daily! A job in Flat Storage is a heavy load. They help to unload all of the ingredients that go into the feed for the pigs. They run non-stop back there, and it is employees like Raul that help things run so smoothly.

Thank you, Raul, for all you do for Tosh Farms!

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