Lovett Family Farm

3rd Quarter Spotlight Grower!!

Lovett Farm – Kayla and Jacob Lovett

After meeting in 2010, Kayla, a beautician at the Wild Rose Salon, and Jacob, the owner of an agricultural fabrication/repair shop were married in 2013. The two are now the parents of three beautiful children. Millie, the older sister at 9 years old, and her brother, Eli (6), and sister FynLee (6). They have always loved helping their parents get the barns ready for babies and now that they are older they enjoy getting to help mat feed and treat.

Jacob said, “I had to be gone so often working that Kayla had to become a stay-at-home mom raising our kids. I was missing out. I grew up working on a farm for a family friend. Since then it’s always been my dream and passion to farm. I wanted that for my family, a place to work beside my wife and kids. To be together and enjoy a life built together. In 2019, our dream came true. We make a living together as a family raising pigs, cows, and goats. It’s a perfect place for us to raise our kids. It’s been the best years of my life, working beside Kayla with our shared passion and goal.”

Kayla said, “My love for animals started at a very young age. We always had many animals when I was growing up. I cared for each of them so deeply! I never dreamed I would be a hog farmer, but here we are, an absolute dream come true it has been. There’s nothing more rewarding. Thanks to the Tosh family, we were given this great opportunity and we will forever be grateful.”

We so appreciate the work our growers do! We could not be the size we are today without them. Thank you, Lovett family!

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