November Employee Spotlight!

Ethan Terrell has been a market hog selector at Tosh Farms for almost 3 years. His job is to determine the weight of pigs that is most profitable for the company. As a market hog selector, his goal is 282 lbs on average. This is where we make the most money with the least amount of profit lost. The tighter the group of pigs that we send to JBS the more money we make the company.

In his free time, Ethan enjoys weightlifting, politics, and seeing his friends. “I’m constantly searching for new music/podcasts to listen to, whether I’m at work or during my free time. I’m always listening to something!”

Ethan’s two biggest accomplishments so far are graduating from UT Martin in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, and recently buying a new 2022 GMC Sierra AT4. He is very proud of those accomplishments, and should be!

He enjoys working with the animals and with members of his team.

“We are a pretty tight-knit group and are always pushing each other to do the best we can. With everyone gunning to be the best, I believe it makes us better at our job. I am passionate about all animals, so seeing the different ways pigs react with us on a daily basis is rewarding and sometimes comical.”

In the future, Ethan plans to get a haircut! He has been growing his hair for the last year and 6 months with the intentions of donating it to “Children with Hair Loss,” a nonprofit that helps children with medical conditions receive a wig.

Ethan is a hard worker and a go-getter. He represents Tosh Farms well by being dedicated and energetic. Him doing his best to be all that he can be, is what makes Tosh Farms a strong company. We all work hard, and we are so grateful for employees like Ethan who put their best foot forward to get the work done. Thank you, Ethan!!!

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