Brian Foschino

Brian has been in the trucking industry for over 20 years and has held positions ranging from driver to senior management. He started his career in transportation as a Driver Training Supervisor with US Foods in Knoxville, TN. He transferred with US Foods to Memphis, TN as a Transportation Manager and was ultimately promoted to VP of Operations. Ten years ago he moved to Atlanta, GA and took a job as GM with a fast food restaurant distributor, Customized Distribution, LLC.. where he held positions including Corporate VP of Operations and COO. He was responsible for three distribution centers and over 175 drivers and warehouse associates.  CDI sold late this summer and after many years of traveling, he was grateful for the opportunity to lead the Transportation Team at Tosh Farms.

Brian and his wife, Shannon live on a small cattle farm in Gleason, TN. He has a son who is a senior in college at Georgia College and two steps-sons. He is honored and excited to be part of the team at Tosh Farms and looks forward to meeting and working with everyone!

In his spare time he loves going to UT football games, hunting, farming, and spending time with his family.