Zach Wallace

Zach Wallace in the Feed Mill Manager for Tosh Farms.  Our feed mill uses corn that is grown by Tosh Farms and local farmers along with ingredients from over 125 other suppliers to produce the approximately 5,500 tons of feed that our pigs consume each week.  It is Zach’s job, along with his 27 employees to oversee that this process as achieved.  As pigs grow, their dietary needs change, so Zach works with our nutritionist to make sure that their diets are formulated for optimal growth and health at every life stage.  Before taking over this position in 2018, he started Tosh in 2015 as the Wash Bay Manager.

Zach attended Bethel University.  He and his wife Wendy have a beautiful and energetic daughter, Nora.  They live in McKenzie with their one dog, Leo.  When he’s not chasing after Nora, he enjoys golfing and working out.