US pork production higher than beef for first time since 1952

By Chelsea Mies 

In the past few years, chicken production has topped beef, but it has been a long time since pork production pulled ahead of beef. Pork production actually hasn’t topped beef production for more than 60 years since 1952.

Hog herds rebounded from a deadly virus last year and with high meat prices and low feed prices, more sows are being bred and bigger pigs are being produced, Megan Durisin reported for Bloomberg News.

Beef production is still reeling from the 2012 drought and, according to the USDA, beef production might be headed to a 22-year low. Pork, however, is making a jump in 2015, as production is expected to rise 4.6 percent.

Costs for pork are dropping due to more hogs being available and increased demand.

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