Wesley Primrose

It is employee spotlight time! This month, the hard worker is Wesley Primrose.

Wesley has been a farm hand for Tosh Farms for a little over two years now. He is involved in planting, spraying, and then the harvest of the crops. In the winter he works on going over the farm machinery so it is all ready to go for the next spring. Wesley said, “My time at Tosh, for the most part, has been fun. Very few days go buy that we don’t laugh. Some days can be a little aggravating, but they’re few and far between.”

He has two kids, Gatlin and Rebecca, and four grand kids, Callen, Emme, Adley, and Roe. The grand kids are all between the ages of one month and four years old.

In his free time, Wesley likes to ride motorcycles, work with his small cow herd, and do a little hunting and fishing here and there.

He said that his greatest accomplishments are his kids and grand kids. He is incredibly proud of both Gatlin and Rebecca.

Wesley hopes to hang around for another couple of years, and has plans of maybe looking at a status change.

Employees like Wesley who show unconditional love and encouragement for their kids are a core part of the family we have here at Tosh. We love transparency and our employees being who they truly are.

We thank you Wesley for all of your hard work and positive energy! We couldn’t do this without you!

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