Workman Family Named The Swine Farm Family of the Year

The Swine Farm Family of the Year is the J.T. and Ashley Workman Family. They are the owners of Workman Farms, a 5,000 pig wean to finish operation where they are contract growers for Tosh Farms.

J.T.’s brother Zach also owns a 5,000 pig operation. The brothers also work with their father Tony and uncle Tracy on a 4,000 acre row crop and cow/calf farm.

Workman has been farming since 2005, though that wasn’t his original career path.

“In college I had planned on being an agricultural engineer but the opportunity from Tosh allowed me to come back to the farm and have room for my brother and me,” said Workman.

Workman also writes Environmental Protection Agency permits for farmers across Kentucky and Tennessee.

Farming is a family tradition for the Workmans.

J.T. says he’s most proud of the fact that they are multi-generational and still farm the land that his great-grandfather once did.

J.T. and Ashley are the parents of Wes and Maddie Kate. They reside in Clinton.

The Farm Family of the Year award is presented by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

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Picture:The Workman Family received the 2017 Farm Family of the Year award. Pictured from left to right: Ashley and J.T. Workman, Keith Rogers, Chief of Staff for Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles.

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