Everardo (Danial) Hernandez

Tosh Farms would like to introduce you to Everardo (Danial) Hernandez, our spotlight employee.  Danial has worked for Tosh Farms for four years as a member of the construction crew.  The construction crew is responsible for installing new barns.  He works as a crew leader and is a vital part of this division.

When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Patricia and 4 children at their home in McKenzie, Tennessee.  Danial has lived in the US for 28 years and can speak both English and Spanish fluently.  One of his proudest accomplishments is when he saved enough money to purchase a brand new truck.

“Danial is a vital employee to my crew.  Without him, it would be much more of a challenge each day.  He knows all the ins and outs of commercial barns and helps lead the rest of the guys to a successful outcome.” –  Jason Smith

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