Employee Spotlight

Meet Susan McClure    Susan is our PIE, Pig Inventory Expert. She is responsible with maintaining inventories on our pigs from birth to market. However, in her 18 years at Tosh she has had a number of various job responsibilities. She does whatever it takes to contribute to the success of Tosh, and is just glad to be a part of the growth and success of the company. Prior to coming to work at Tosh, Susan had the interesting job of being a Court Stenographer for almost 20 years.
Susan is a lifetime resident of Henry. She grew up as a McFadden in the area, and her and Dennis, her husband of almost 40 years, chose to stay in Henry and raise their 2 amazing children, Dustin and Keri, that she is so proud of. But what she is most proud of is her grandbabies, Kinslee and Jocee. She loves spending time with them. She has really enjoyed watching Kinslee play softball recently, as it brings back fond memories of watching her own children participate in sports. When she’s not spoiling those grandbabies, she also enjoys reading, walking, Zumba, shopping, cooking and being at the beach.
Susan is an honor graduate from Henry County High School (never you mind what year) and Murray State. She has attended First United Methodist Church of Henry forever and is their organist, which she enjoys very much.
Susan celebrates being a breast cancer survivor of 10 years!
Now you know more about Ms. Susan, check back to learn more about other employees in the future.

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