Francisco Martinez

April’s employee spotlight is Francisco Martinez! He is a Shop Foreman at our concrete plant. He helps his manager, Rick Noble, oversee production of all of the concrete slabs for the barns. He has worked at Tosh Farms for 5 years now. Him and his wife, Juana Martinez, have 3 beautiful children together. While he […]

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Buena Vista Grand Opening!!

We had such a good turn out at our Buena Vista barn grand opening on 04.01.22! A huge thank you to everyone who could make it out there to tour the barn, eat good food, and learn a little bit about Tosh Farms. An even bigger thank you to our Office Manager, Rhonda Schultz, for […]

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Leaving No Piglet Behind

Listen up & expand your knowledge on what’s happening in the industry & more specifically, at our sow farms as our veterinarian, Dr. Seth Krantz, discusses leading causes of pre weaned mortality in piglets on the Popular Pig Podcast called, “Leaving No Piglet Behind.”

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Tommy Thompson

It’s Employee Spotlight time!!! Tommy Thompson has been a truck driver at Tosh Farms for 4 years! His job title is Top Hog Hauler (Swine Relocation Specialist), and he is responsible for loading, transporting, and unloading Top Hogs at each location. He has been married to his lovely wife, Maureen Thompson, for 24 years. Together […]

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Edber Perez

We are always on the ‘hunt’ for more employees like Edber Perez! He works at our Huntland, TN sow barn as a Breeding Herdsman. His job consists of heat checking, breeding, tagging, vaccinating, pressure washing, moving animals as needed, caring for the animals, and meeting their daily needs. Edber and his wife, Teresa, have 3 […]

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Eugenia Naly Carbajal

Check out our employee spotlight for June! Eugenia Ñaly Carbajal has been a sow herdsman at Fairway 1 in Adairville, KY, for over 4 years now. Her job consists of Day 1 duties on piglets, vaccinations on piglets and sows, tagging, and whatever else is needed. She has 3 children with her husband of 16 […]

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Thank You!

To All Tosh Employees: We sincerely appreciate those of you who have supported and participated in the COVID-19 safety practices implemented in the past year.  As we have seen the COVID-19 case numbers drop in our area due to the administration of vaccines, we want to give special mention to everyone who has taken part […]

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Shooting Hunger

          We are proud to announce that we are the 2021 Title Sponsor for Shooting Hunger! There are several different levels of sponsorships!! Click the link to find out more information about Shoot Hunger, what they do, and how you can get involved.    

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1st Quarter Spotlight Grower of 2021

Meet our 1st Quarter Spotlight Grower of 2021! Shawnee Brasfield is the fourth generation of farmers in this West Tennessee family. In 2007 he and his wife Lisa diversified their operation by partnering with the Tosh family in the pork industry. Shawnee states, “It is a joy to work with the Tosh family. They are […]

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April 2021 Employee Spotlight

It’s time for our Employee Spotlight!! Michael Wilkerson does construction maintenance at Tosh Farms. He has been helping build the new feed mill, and doing some welding. He has been working for Tosh Farms for a little over 11 years and says that it has all been a good experience. He started with the grain […]

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