Tara Dotson

First Employee Spotlight of 2021!!
Tara Dotson has been a welder for Tosh Farms for three years now.
She is engaged to James Thompson, and they have been together for almost three years. Tara will be busy this year planning for her wedding in November! Together, her and James have 3 sons: George, Wyatt, and Owen.
In her free time, Tara enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is very proud of the life she has, and the person that she has become.
Tara said, ” I love working at Tosh. I love the way we are treated and taken care of.”
Her future plans consist of getting this wedding in the books and then continuing to enjoy life with her family.
Thank you for everything you do for Tosh Farms, Tara! We appreciate employees like you being part of our team, and hope we get to keep you on as long as you want!
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