Tommy Thompson

It’s Employee Spotlight time!!!
Tommy Thompson has been a truck driver at Tosh Farms for 4 years! His job title is Top Hog Hauler (Swine Relocation Specialist), and he is responsible for loading, transporting, and unloading Top Hogs at each location.
He has been married to his lovely wife, Maureen Thompson, for 24 years. Together they have 3 children, Thomas (24), Aaron (23), and Nathan (19).
In his free time, Tommy enjoys golfing. He says that his best accomplishments in his life are his wife and his children.
Tommy’s upcoming plans include him and his wife becoming grandparents in November, and they have another grandchild coming in March of 2022. They are so excited, and why wouldn’t they be!
“I have had a great working experience at Tosh.” We are so glad Tommy! You are part of the Tosh Farms family, and we hope that you are here for the long “haul!”
You represent our core value, commitment! You are always doing more, and being the best that you can be at your job. Thank you for all that you do for Tosh Farms!!!!
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