Where’s the BEEF?


May 3, 2017 By Ken Anderson Filed Under: Livestock, News

Defenders of animal agriculture are keeping an eye on efforts to develop cultured meat, also referred to as synthetic meat or test-tube meat.

Scientists and businesses working to produce lab-created meat say they’re making progress and claim that within a few years their products could start appearing in supermarkets and restaurants.

Hannah Thompson-Weeman of the Animal Ag Alliance says it’s a trend they’re watching.

“Of course we know that vegetarianism has been promoted. And we have plant-based alternatives to meat that have been pushed. But this whole cellular meat conversation is gaining steam in mainstream conversation,” Thompson-Weeman says.

She says one of their questions is, can it even be called meat?

“Is that meat, whatever that product may be? Is it a meat imitation? What is it?”

Thompson-Weeman says her organization supports consumer choice in the marketplace.

“Whatever decision that consumers want to make that matches their budgets and matches their values, that’s wonderful for them to have access to that. But we don’t see it replacing conventional animal agriculture or replacing meat products anytime soon.”

Thompson-Weeman spoke with Brownfield at the start of the Animal Ag Stakeholders 2017 Stakeholders Summit in Kansas City.

News Source: https://brownfieldagnews.com/news/test-tube-meat-animal-ags-radar/

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